Football—the Season in Review, by Zach Bauman

This football season has been suspenseful. After three straight losses, our Saints came back to beat Orcas Island in the second half 27-24. Going into half time we were down 24-0, but we made a miraculous recovery to ruin Orcas’ homecoming.  Head coach Jeff Scott said, “I will bet a million dollars on all of you, that will never happen again… Teams don’t go into half time 24-0 and win. It doesn’t happen.” The following game was againt Cheif Leschi. It was an amazing game, but there were a number of unnecessary fouls on either side. At one point Chief Leschi lost 10 yards due to false starts on both sides. They had two, then we had one, then they had one again. It was hard to watch, but in the end we won 46-6. Way to go Saints! There is a chance that if we win our next two games we still might be able to slip into the playoffs, so keep your fingers crossed. Our next game is against a new, unknown team. We’re looking forward to it.