Grand Theft Auto, by Robert Leslie

GTA V. Enough said right? And I guess it’s also pretty cliché that this is the game I’m reviewing, but come on, who wouldn’t? Grand Theft Auto V is an extremely amazing game. Rockstar, the company that made GTA V, went all out to make this game a major success. They made $1 billion dollars in only three days. That’s faster than any other entertainment property has done to date. Why is this? Come on, people, you know why. Grand Theft Auto is such a known title that even my mom’s friends were psyched to buy it. The large fandom behind this game helped achieve the records that it broke, and that fandom is only going to increase.

Grand Theft Auto V has made my top game of the quarter because of how improved it is from Grand Theft Auto IV and because of how it still feels like the same game. The graphics, gameplay, and character creation of this game are majorly enhanced to provide not only peak performance for a maturing console but also to help immerse the player into the story and gameplay in a way that IV just couldn’t. Though it still provides its “subtle” raunchy humor and the same automobile enhanced, virtual street violence that we all enjoyed from IV. GTA V also includes several features that the previous versions have not, such as in-game sports, flyable airplanes, and the ability to switch between three different characters, along with still more new and improved gameplay options for the series.

For those that don’t already own the game, I would suggest you get this game whether you are an avid gamer or just play casually because it is extremely fun. Be careful though, because it is a mature-rated game and some parents may not approve of this title for their children. If you’re a newcomer to the series, they made this game really easy to start, with simple to learn controls to make you feel at home in a new environment and enjoy all the perks this game has to offer. If you are experienced with the series already and you don’t already own this game, I can only ask, “What is wrong with you?” So, with your parent’s permission, head on down to your local GameStop or Target or wherever you buy video games and pick yourself up a copy of GTA V.