News Haiku by Garth Ball

Here at The Lion’s Roar, we know you’re much too busy to pay much attention to the news. Either that, or you’re too lazy. Maybe both; it’s a thin line. In any case, here’s the quick-and-dirty version of the major U.S. and world news from the summer until now. In haiku form.


That Edward Snowden
Leaker of the NSA
Now he’s in Russia


The Zimmerman trial
Trayvon Martin found guilty
Florida likes guns


Wait, why do we care?


A coup in Egypt
Some democracy in there
Hope that it will last


DOMA was struck down
Some people like it, some don’t
Capitol Hill? Like.


Then, there’s Syria
Tyrants, chemical weapons
Russia took those, though


Miley Cyrus twerked
That was pretty disgusting
“Nobody’s perfect…”


Obamacare’s here!
There’s a big debate o’er it
But yay, cheaper drugs!


And, yes, finally:
The government shutdown’s here
No more panda cams 🙁


Oh yeah, the default
‘Tis looming like a shark’s fin
…Rather not think ‘bout it…


The shutdown is over!
Think of all the lost money!
Yo, thanks, Tea Party!