The God of Cake: A Review of Hyperbole and a Half, by Megan Burnett


The writer of Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh, uses a combination of hilarious hand drawn pictures and a comical way of explaining the happenings of her life that draws you in. Each story of her life brings in a funny perspective that will have you wanting more. In “The God of Cake,” Allie tells the story of her grandfather’s 73rd birthday party and the most fantastic cake ever made, a cake made with thick frosting and topped with creatures that her mother made out of mini-marshmallows and toothpicks. To Allie, then only 4 years old, it was not only cake; it was half toy as well and had only glorious possibilities. Allie explained that at her young age if she was allowed even a small amount of sugar, not only would she become extremely hyper, but her need for sugar would only intensify, making it her one and only goal. So when she had finally gotten a handful of the cake, a chain reaction had then been set into motion.

I had tasted cake and there was no going back.  My tiny body had morphed into a writhing mass of pure tenacity encased in a layer of desperation.  I would eat all of the cake or I would evaporate from the sheer power of my desire to eat it.

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Allie describes her endeavors of trying to reach the cake, from slamming her body against a box to climbing up a fridge with her freakish climbing abilities. Nothing seemed to work for poor Allie as the cake seemed to always be just out of reach of her hands.

 I would eat all of the cake or I would evaporate from the sheer power of my desire to eat it.

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When reading “The God of Cake,” there was just something about it that made me smile. I think it must have been the imagination she puts in and uses when writing that makes it so funny. The way she expresses and freely tells stories of her life and childhood, many times things others would find embarrassing, really makes Allie’s personality shine through in her writing. This only makes the experience that more enjoyable. I recommend not only “The God of Cake,” but also Hyperbole and a Half in general to anyone who is looking for a good laugh. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.