J-Term, by Robert Leslie

​J-term everybody! Who’s excited? I am positively psyched for it. As a senior at this wonderful school, and as a student that has been here for three years already, I can easily say that I am excited about the idea of J-term. I agree that the school should change up the pace a little bit. They are breaking up the long, boring, and continuous basic education and giving us something new. Instead of your normal required classes which you take year round, you are able to choose between a wide variety of unique classes that are actually important to you. I enjoy this idea very much because I get annoyed by being forced to take all the basic classes. You’re not necessarily allowed to focus on the kind of thing that you enjoy or want to do. Personally, I would love to take the Lord of the Rings class that is being taught by our fantastic teacher Ms. Knaff. This is because I think that The Lord of the Rings is amazing and would love to learn about it more in depth. J-term is a wonderful idea because it changes things up and gives you a chance to study something which you might not get to otherwise.

​I can understand if you as a student or your parents are having a problem with the idea of J-term, because it takes away from your time learning the basics of education. I personally don’t see this as a problem though. It gives each student a break from the tireless study of one subject and allows them to choose to study a subject that interests them. These subjects are varied, including things like real world math, which teaches you about how math can actually be applied to real world situations (instead of the same bogus story problems about John who just so happened to eat 48 candy bars out of his 52. No John, you don’t just have 4 left. You also have diabetes). Or if that doesn’t  do it for you, then  you can take a tap  dance class. I think  it’s awesome that  the school is  allowing such  diversity in choices,  that you could just  take a dance class  everyday and get  refreshed and ready  to study again in  two weeks. The  whole idea of J- term excites me, not only because of what I want to do, but of the possibilities for my fellow students of Seattle Lutheran to take what they are interested in.

​The possibilities of this program are also endless if they decide to keep the program going every year. Next year, for all you underclassmen, there is the chance for you to take a class that you really wanted to take this year but couldn’t. There is also the chance that they might allow for you to get internships and really learn about something that you are interested in, from people who work in the field. Finally, next year there may be a chance for mission trips if that interests anyone. You could travel with your friends and also to help others who need it. It would be a wonderful idea to consider. All in all, I think the idea of J-term is a great one. It should be embraced by all students, and I am disappointed that I will be unable to participate in it in the coming years to really see it develop.