The Lion’s Roar, Issue 2: News


 Antimatter, by Alexa Naftchi

Antimatter. It has the same  mass as regular matter, and  extremely similar energies. Its  one significantly different  quality is that it has the  opposite charge of ordinary  matter. When antimatter  particles and regular matter  particles interact, the result is a) the complete destruction of all particles involved and… read more

Zombie Neurology, by Alexandria Naftchi

Zombies. It seems that one cannot be exposed to media for any substantial length of time without encountering the notion of undead beings rising up and destroying us all in a much-speculated zombie apocalypse. This sparks the question: is this possible in real life?… read more


Who Got Run Over By A Reindeer?, by Bella Hausel

 As Christmas approaches more and  more    radio stations are playing our  favorite  tunes.  Whether or not you  like the song  “Grandma  Got Run Over  By A Reindeer,”  you have  heard of it.  But how many of us  have  actually  really thought about the  concept of  someone getting hit by a flying    reindeer?… read more


J-Term, by Robert Leslie

J-term everybody! Who’s excited? I am positively psyched for it. As a senior at this wonderful school, and as a student that has been here for three years already, I can easily say that I am excited about the idea of J-term. … read more

Seattle Lutheran Eyewitness News, by Hailey Miller

This is Hailey reporting pre-recorded on the Seattle Lutheran Eyewitness News

Hailey: A puppy was saved late October by three daring students here at Seattle Lutheran. Megan is on the scene at this time with the details. Megan?… read more


 News Haiku: Issue 2, by Garth Ball


 Here to save us from illness!

 Whoops, JK, site’s down… read more