Weather In Seattle: A Review, by Bella Hausel

 When we first heard about Seattle we  were told that it is constantly raining  and that everyone has Seasonal  Affective Disorder (for those of you who  aren’t good with technical names it  means Seattleites get sad when there’s  no sunshine). Now it’s true that I  understand the no sun part because I  have been feeling very vampiric as of  late, but what I don’t understand is this  whole constantly raining part because it  does not constantly rain. It’s actually  only rained a few times, and has mostly  sprinkled and misted. And as for the  cold, I love it. Even though most  recently we lived in Texas, I was born in Colorado during a blizzard, and I’ve always said that’s why the cold doesn’t bother me and why I enjoy it, but that was then (right after summer) and this is now (the middle of winter). Seattle has been averaging 30 degrees F as of late and it is not ok with this Texan. Seattle weather needs to make up its mind. Either it chooses to get warmer or it decides to begin spewing out the cold white stuff.