Bioshock: A Review, by Robert Leslie

​ Round two, chaps. This time will be a bit different  though. This semester my video game review will be  of a retro game. I have just recently finished the  original Bioshock. Bioshock was released in 2007  making it, in my mind, a retro game. I can say that  the reason I want to play Bioshock Infinite, the  newest game in the series, is because I am entranced  by the beauty of the game’s graphics. When I decided  to play the original Bioshock, I didn’t have that feel  going in. I only wanted to play the story so I would understand what was going on in Bioshock Infinite. I would definitely suggest you do this.

​ Bioshock is a fantastic game; it’s put together really well. However, it’s not necessarily an open-world game where you can wander across a vast area of land. The game is mission-based and you are given full range to explore levels mid-mission. The levels are very big and are full if secrets. As a gamer, I love this. I’m the kind of gamer that wants to explore and uncover as much as I can. It has hidden passage ways, puzzles to open specific areas, and hidden weapons/upgrades. It’s fun to have the choice to hunt for these things or just push forward. The game also allows you to choose your path and specific weapons/powers. This I also enjoy. I like being able to make choices that will affect how the game will progress and this game does this wonderfully. An example of this would be if you chose to save this one guy and he comes back and helps you in the future, or you didn’t help him and you don’t get that bonus. The final thing that I would say about Bioshock is that not only is the game violent, but it’s also very dark. By this I mean that there are things that will creep or gross you out.

​ If you can’t handle scary movies or slightly disturbing images, then don’t play this game. Otherwise I definitely recommend anyone who is interested to try it out. Then you can fully experience how amazing Bioshock Infinite, the newest game in the series, is.