Looming Metro Budget Cuts, by Jeffrey Baxter

 In the 40 years that King  County Metro has been in its  present form, never has it  faced the potential for  budget cuts as expansive as  what they now face, say  King County transit officials  charged with designing and  implementing Metro’s  transit network.

An enormous budget gap in the state legislature, caused by the loss of revenue to a high unemployment rate, means cuts everywhere, including transit. In June, 17% cuts will be implemented if the legislature cannot find an alternative funding source. These cuts include severe reductions to bus routes in West Seattle, amounting to over 100 hours per day of transit being cut.

Here you can find information about your specific route and potential changes to it.

While these changes will not affect everyone in West Seattle, the proposal is drastic enough that only major trunk lines will be left untouched, and even they may be reduced slightly. Person X says, “something about how I live on 35th and now I can’t get downtown without a transfer.” Problems like Person X’s will be encountered by countless people come July if this budget goes into effect without changes.

However, even though the cuts are draconian, the local Seattle government is doing as good a job as they can of crafting a proposed network that hurts as few people as possible. As Person Y said, “My bus route will actually be made faster and more efficient with the changes. I understand that in totality the changes are bad, but change is actually OK.”

“Quote saying how cutting metro is hypocritical. They’re cutting metro which will hurt the economy, kill jobs, and ultimately reduce government revenue,” says person Z.

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