The Lion’s Roar, Issue 3: News

Three Amazing Real Life Scientific Inventions, by Alexandria Naftchi

 The Holographic Keyboard. If you have seen  a sci-fi movie for any length of time, you have  probably seen an object constructed out of  light  particles floating in mid-air, aka a  hologram.  Many people have speculated  about these things  for decades… read more



Paying for College: The Lovecraftian Horror, by Garth Ball

As a senior, there’s a question looming in the back of my conscience incessantly, like a dark, ominous cloud brewing behind you, a cloud which knows your deepest, darkest secrets and has a toothed mouth which is lined with slimy tentacles… read more


 News Haiku: Issue 3, by Garth Ball

 Malaysia Airlines

 It’s the new season of Lost:

 No clue what’s happ’nin… read more


President’s Doodles, by Megan Burnett

Awhile back, President Obama admitted to reporters that he has the hidden talent of doodling… read more


Space Travel: Not Just For Astronauts, by Alexandria Naftchi 


A century ago, humans invented the  airplane. Now, we can send other human  beings into orbit with relative ease… read  more




What’s In A Migraine? by Alexandria Naftchi1migraine

Many of us are familiar with the scourges called migraines… read more





The Evil Ladybug, by Megan Burnett

imageEvil ladybugs… read more