The Lion’s Roar, Issue 3: Opinion

 A Review of  Assassin’s  Creed,  by  Robert Leslie

Let’s talk  about  assassins…  read  more




The 2014 Grammys in Review, by Brianna Badley

The 56th Grammy awards were held on… read more




 Always Look On The  Bright Side of Life: A  Review of Spamalot  at 5th Avenue  Theatre, by  Anonymous

“Broadway is a very special  place, filled with very special  people. People who can sing  and dance, often at the same  time… read more



Independent Study Review, by Brianna Badley

This year at Seattle  Lutheran High  School we embarked  on a two-week-long  schedule called J-  term… read more


 A Review of the Superbowl  Experience, by Robert Leslie

Right away I knew that this  was going to be very different  from my normal, casual,  stay-at-home with my parents, Superbowl “party” that I was used to. .. read more


 A Somewhat-  Civilized, Not-  Too-Rant-Like  Valentine’s  Day  Expository, by  Hailey Miller

 Before I really    delve into this  topic, I would  like to apologize to any of you people out there who actually enjoy Valentine’s  Day… read more


Grooks, by Hailey Miller

Grooks. What are they, you might ask? Or, well, you’re probably asking. I’m not actually a mind reader, so I wouldn’t know. But if I were a mind reader, that would be pretty sweet. Yeah… read more