Environmental Science at SLHS

Environmental Science Field Trip, April 3, 2014

We had a great day under the tutelage of Kevin Zobrist at WSU Extension, in preparation for the  Envirothon, coming up on May 1st. We were treated to a lecture on forest composition and succession, then took a great hike through the woods, and finally learned how to use foresters’ tools to analyze tree growth. We learned that the state tree is the Western Hemlock, a fragrant but false cedar, that Grand Fir has flat shiny needles and smells like Christmas, and that the fast growing and sun-loving Douglas Fir is adapted for fire disturbance. Kevin was great at quizzing our students constantly on canopy and understory plants. I think he taught them about 18 different plants in under two hours!

The Envirothon is a national competition that requires teams of students to perform five timed field and written tests to demonstrate their knowledge of environmental sciences. Each year there is a theme, so in addition to general ecology, water, earth and forestry knowledge, the theme of sustainability is added this year. Our 6th period science students will compete in the regional Envirothon at Warm Beach on May 1st. I am hoping that this will become an annual way for Seattle Lutheran science students to engage in science, apply their knowledge to twenty first century problems and raise awareness of the Seattle Lutheran science program.

All in all, a great way to spend a day with our students!

Blessings from the science corner,

Sarah Louie, PhD, MTMS