The Lion’s Heart, Volume I

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Art is what happens when someone is inspired. Ms. Knaff and I wanted to show off the amazing works of art the students and staff of Seattle Lutheran had to offer. Everyone can make incredible things and it really shows in this journal. I even thought the bios were important to show how these people were inspired. Thank you all for submitting and enjoy.
-Robert Leslie


Click on the thumbnails of visual art to see the full-sized picture.

Paris Akrapa ’15

Carina Andrews ’14

Tyler Ayala-Turner ’16

Garth Ball ’14

Macey Crooks ’16

Angel Cucio ’15

Grant Doerr ’14

Jacob Fincher ’14

Tori Flores ’16

Avalee Fray-McCroskey ’17

Sean Glavin ’17

Tyler Hammond ’17

Genevieve Keckemet ’14

Alisha Knaff

Preston Kostoff ’15

Taylor Kuhn and Angelina Ottolino ’17

Robert Leslie ’14

Annie Liao ’16

Josh Meyer and Flynn Schuehle ’17

Hailey Miller ’15

Alexandria Naftchi ’15

Gloria O’Farrell ’16

Ryan Okabayashi ’16

Camille Pahl ’14

Devin Pearl ’16

Elaina Raegan ’15

Abbi Sanders ’16

Alicia Taleno

Taira Togashi ’15

Shirley Vradenburgh

Joe Williford

Meredith Zandi



Robert Leslie ’14


Carina Andrews ’14

Garth Ball ’14

Maddie Fairchild ’15

Jacob Fincher ’14

Alexandria Naftchi ’15

Abbi Sanders ’16


Alisha Knaff