The Lion’s Roar, Issue 4: Co-Editor’s Note

Today marks the release date of the final issue of The Lion’s Roar’s first volume. Call me self-congratulating, but I think that our dedicated contributors and editors deserve a round of applause (at very least, a mental pat on the back–I know that you’re probably using both your hands to hold your iPad and are thus incapable of applauding but I appreciate the sentiment). Getting Seattle Lutheran’s new (and first…?) student-produced newspaper going has been quite the adventure, one that I’m very glad I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of (aaaaaaaaand now I’m debating whether I should’ve ended that sentence with a preposition or not… this is what editing has done to me!). We’ve reviewed video games, we’ve produced original short stories, we’ve conducted surveys, we’ve written open letters, and we’ve condensed national news into haiku format. Above all, we’ve done our best to create an online newspaper that we would enjoy reading ourselves. And I believe we’ve done a fantastic job.
While Volume I may be said and done, however, I won’t be here next year; despite this, I hope that The Lion’s Roar will continue to have a strong base of awesome contributors and will continue to work to increase its regular audience. For that to happen, we need new contributors to sign on for the ride! We want YOU (insert Uncle Sam graphic here)! In fact, we want you so much that I have taken the effort to compile a short but thorough list of reasons why you should become a contributor to The Lion’s Roar:
1) Writing is fun!
2) Oh wait crap, you don’t think writing is fun? NO DON’T GO SIT DOWN I’M NOT FINISHED YET.
3) Writing isn’t usually fun in school because you’re forced to write things you don’t care about, right?
4) Being a contributor is awesome because you get to write about the topics YOU want to write about and the topics that you know your friends want to read about!
5) Shoot… I’m at 5 and I’ve only really done one reason…
6) Ms. Knaff will give you 100,000,000 brownie points
7) Note: the above statement has not been reviewed or endorsed by Ms. Knaff
8) Your fellow contributors are an amazing, interesting group of people to work with!
9) It looks good on a college application.
10) If you actually considered it solely because of the above reason, don’t. You’re tacky and I hate you.
11) If nothing else, do it for the experience of trying something new (something that may be out of your comfort zone, even) and enjoy the ride. As the great William Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage / And all the men and women merely players.” So, put on your frickin’ costume and get onstage (metaphorically)!
12) Just consider it, okay? Even if the previous poorly-developed metaphor kind of turned you off a little.
Have a great summer, and best of wishes for the remainder of your high school shenanigans!
Your faithful Co-Editor,
Garth Ball