The Lion’s Roar, Issue 4: News



Seattle Lutheran Eyewitness News, by Hailey Miller

Hailey: Hello and welcome back to Seattle Lutheran Eyewitness News! This is your reporter Hailey Miller, and over there is Megan. Say hi to the camera Megan… read more



An Interview With Coach Sleighter, by Jeffrey Baxter


Jeffrey: Fill in the blank, the key to winning in baseball is ___.

Coach: Scoring more runs than the other team.

read more




Meeples Games: Gaming Salvation for West Seattle, by Garth Ball

While I love hanging out and shopping in the Junction as much as the next guy, there’s has been one population that I’ve noticed is notably under-served: the gaming community… read more




News Haiku: Issue 4, by Garth Ball

Ukraine, continued:

East separatists want to be

Putin to Russia… read more