The Lion’s Roar, Issue 4: Opinion



The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review, by Bella Haeusel

Things have changed for Peter Parker. He’s no longer just a rebellious teen; he’s far too busy saving New York City from the most dastardly foes to be messing around with anything other than his responsibilities. That is, except for being with Gwen Stacey of course… read more


A Review of the Pokémon Video Game Series, by Robert Leslie

Now I know what you’re thinking. Who hasn’t played a Pokémon game? I’m sad to inform you that I know several people who do not yet comprehend its wonders… read more




A Guide to Five American Political Parties, by Alexandria Naftchi

How many times have you heard or seen the words “Democrat,” “Republican,” “Socialist,” “Libertarian,” and “Tea Party” (not the event when Bostonians threw tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxes or formally dressed people drinking water with leaves boiled in it, but the political organization) thrown around in a conversation or in a news article and didn’t know what the heck people were talking about? read more





The Prom Experience, by Robert Leslie

Prom huh? I guess it was that time of year… read more



The SeaLu Perspective, by Robert Leslie

Ever wondered what Seattle Lutheran is like for another person? Especially someone that… read more



How to Survive Junior Year, by Alexandria Naftchi

If you are in high school, you probably have heard of/experienced the stress associated with being a junior… read more