Lion’s Heart Volume I: Carina Andrews

The Friend Wearer

She treated her friends like they were outfits

She changed them every day

And when she was done she’d hang them up for another day

Yet nobody seemed to mind

Nobody seemed to care

They all just tried to be happy with who she chose to wear

So there they would wait patiently in her closet

Praying for a day they might be worn

Not realizing their hearts are being torn

None of them knew if that day would ever come

But till then, they would hang on to that beam

Collecting dust and tearing at the seams

Hello my name is Carina Andrews and I started writing songs and poetry in fourth grade. I have been writing ever since then and decided to share this poem with The Lion’s Heart. This poem is about a girl who has a lot of different friends but chooses to only be with one each day and ignores the others and how that makes her friends feel. This story is completely made up. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.