Lion’s Heart Volume I: Gloria O’Farrell

Suddenly, the door opened, and I felt a wave of relief. It just happened to be Rudy, my dog. The previous scratching and banging on the door tightened my chest, suffocating me with fear. I realized that I called 911 because I thought an intruder had been in my house. Feeling foolish, I needed to call back and tell them it had been a mistake. But it was too late, the police were already knocking at the front door. I heard the commotion and quickly ran down the stairs. I opened the door and said, “I’m so sorry but I made a mistake; there is no intruder.” Looking puzzled, the two police officers responded saying, “Well, we still need to take a look inside for safety reasons.” I agreed, so I let them in to take a look around.

Just then, Rudy started to bark at the closet door. Confused, I walked over to see what was inside. Opening the door, I realized that there, an unknown backpack lay on the ground. I went to open it and inside was a round, metal object with a red number on it counting down from six. It also had a beeping noise that was in sync with the descending numbers. My jaw dropped as I stared at them, paralyzed. Someone had been in my house. A stranger, here for no reason. I didn’t do anything to anyone to deserve something like this. By now the officers were already upstairs and at this point there was no way to stop it. The little red number. Already at three. There was nothing I could do.


Greetings, I’m Gloria, feel free to call me glo. I enjoy writing and art because it’s a good way to relieve stress and distract yourself from things. At the beginning of the year our English class wrote short stories that we ended up revising and submitting into The Lion’s Heart. So I hope you enjoy my explosive story (: