Lion’s Heart Volume I: Paris Akrapa

I am Kit Kat

I am Kit Kat, the most popular candy bar in the world. Well, at least I think I am. I love to travel to the stores where I am put on display. My bright red wrapper calls attention to me! The other candy bars are so jealous—as well they should be.  I am usually placed well away from those “low class” peanut butter treats.  Everyone knows how kids can be allergic to peanut butter.  I would never do that; I love kids.

Someone is picking me up and wants to take me home! I am tingling all over.

Oh, No! Mother says he cannot have me. She makes him buy some of that disgusting sugarless gum.  He puts me back in the wrong place on the shelf—upside down, no less.  I cannot see where I am.

Then I smell it. . . Peanut Butter!  And close!  I want to disappear. I hunker down in my red plastic wrapper, the only shelter that I have. Someone, please, buy me quick and get me away from these odious confections.

In my emotional misery, I begin to realize that no one will recognize me here – out of place and upside down.  I hopelessly sigh to myself. Nobody is going to buy me. Distress pushes me in every direction. I hear another candy bar laughing at my situation. It must be the Snickers!

I feel someone picking me up.  It’s the shopkeeper.  He wipes off my bright red wrapper and puts me back in place with my friends.  All is well.