Katy Perry’s Prism Concert Review, by Avalee Fray-McCroskey

On September 13, 2014, Katy Perry performed a concert for her latest album, Prism. It took place at the Tacoma Dome. She had two opening acts: Ferras, a pop/rock singer, and Tegan and Sara, an indie/pop duo. Ferras was very entertaining, his voice was amazing. He had spectacular runs in most of his songs. His choice of dress was strange to most people, but it brought his personality and his performance together. Tegan and Sara were intriguing and made you want to know more about them. They spoke to the audience with confidence and ease, and were very down to earth. Their performance was fun and exciting while photo 3keeping the simplicity of true talent. The instant the lights dimmed, you could hear the crowd coming to life in an enormous roar.

The mood changed in a matter of seconds, and you could tell the real show was about to begin. A gigantic pyramid rose from to the stage and when  it opened, there stood Katy Perry dressed in a silver metallic skirt/crop top set. She smiled and evaluated the scene before her. The dome erupted, and the air was suddenly filled with high-pitched screams. She opened her mouth and out came her booming voice as she danced, sang, and partied her way around the stage. The entire concert was one big celebration. There were a few moments of confusion as far as the costumes went, but for the most part it was spectacular. I interviewed several people that attended the concert. One interviewee opined, “It was spectacular, it felt like it was just a dream and I’m so lucky. Just hearing the first beat of the first song brought me so much excitement and emotion. At times the concert was a little weird with their costume choices, but overall that was what brought it together and made it (the concert) a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget; I wish I could experience it again.” Another person that i interviewed simply stated, “It was amaze-balls.” I believe this perfectly sums up the experience I had attending the Katy Perry concert. Happy birthday Elaina!!