The Lion’s Roar, Issue 1, News


Why Manage Stress?-by Alexandria Naftchi

Stress. We have all heard the term, and we all have felt it at some point in time. Since we have just wrapped up our first quarter here at Seattle Lutheran High School, addressing the biological processes that contribute to late-night study sessions and occasional mental breakdowns…read more

The Importance of Bees-by Alexandria Naftchi

Have you ever been outside, minding your own business, and found a bee buzzing toward you, seemingly waiting to sting you and cause anything from localized distress to anaphylactic shock? I’m sure many of us have. However, these creatures…read more

Pop Culture:

Robin Williams Obituary-by Robert Richmond

Comedian and popular actor Robin Williams passed away on August 11th 2014.He played a vast range of characters, demonstrating strong interpersonal intelligence. Noted roles include John Keating in Dead Poets’ Society and Alan Parrish in Jumanji. .read more

10 answers to Ridiculously Simple Questions about Friends-by Brianna Badley

A woman, who recently said online that she is a big fan of Friends and therefore has seen every episode, wrote 10 questions about things that still bother her about the TV program. If this woman was a true fan she would know all the…read more

SeaLu News:

Behind the Curtain-by Avalee Fray-McCroskey

Drama. Drama means different things to different people. To one person it might mean gossip about someone, but to me, it means (insert dramatic pause here) theatre. Theatre has always been an important…read more