The Lion’s Roar, Volume II


Welcome to The Lion’s Roar, Seattle Lutheran’s premier (and only) student-produced newspaper. Here, you will find coverage of the news from reviews to sports highlights, from editorials to exclusive interviews. The Lion’s Roar seeks to provide quality art and articles through the lens of Seattle Lutheran students. At The Lion’s Roar, we’re dedicated to serving YOU, the Seattle Lutheran community. As the author John Grogan said, “Twenty-six letters form the foundation of a free, informed society.”

Prepare to be freed and informed.

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JT Gallant ’16

JT is a Senior at SLHS and enjoys participating in athletics, contributing to the Lion’s Roar and playing chess.

Avalee Fray-McCroskey ’17

Avalee is a junior at Seattle Lutheran High School. She likes to spend her weekends cheering, acting, writing things for the amazing school newspaper and changing into her alternate persona, an amazing punk rock SUPERHERO!! Every time she changes her hair she gets a new superpower!

Ben Comer ’17


Alexander Melchoir ’16

Aaron Pena ’16

Elizabeth Coy ’16

Rex Sears ’18

Zac Gorman ’19

Michael Scott ’19

Faculty Advisor:

Mr. Wilson