10 Answers to Ridiculously Simple Questions About Friends-By Brianna Badley

A woman, who recently said online that she is a big fan of Friends and therefore has seen every episode, wrote 10 questions about things that still bother her about the TV program. If this woman was a true fan she would know all the answers, but she has proved herself to be fraudulent due to her lack of knowledge of what is widely considered basic Friends trivia. However, I have a very involved level of knowledge about Friends, as I have also seen every episode, and I will enlighten you all so that you will not fall prey to the pitiful ignorance seen in this woman’s naive questions about my favorite television show of all time.

1 Why did Emily go through with the wedding after Ross said the wrong name at the altar?

Emily finished it because she was having her dream wedding and she had already said “I Do.” She felt that couldn’t back out when the ceremony was basically over, and didn’t want to feel more embarrassed than she already was.

2. Who are the other friends shown in party scenes?

The other people in the scene are technically extras, but they are shown as co-workers or acquaintances. For instance, they always used Gunther because they were regulars at the coffee house where he worked. In another episode, Monica was trying to form a guest list for a birthday party for Rachel, so she invited her coworkers.

3. Why are they all friends with Phoebe?

I am insulted by this question because the question you should be asking is: Why AREN’T you friends with Phoebe? At some point they did question why Phoebe was with the group and  thought that she would eventually be phased out, but you can’t just phase out Phoebe Buffay. The writer who asked the question mentioned that she doesn’t have anything in common with the other main characters, but that is not true. Phoebe has a special bond with Joey because they’re both uneducated and are childlike, so they understand each other well. They’re all friends with Phoebe because they find her idiosyncrasies cute. Quirky is the new awesome.

4. What’s up with Rachel and Emma living with Joey?

Before Rachel gave birth to Emma she lived with Joey and continued to during her pregnancy. Joey then decided to let Rachel live with Ross because he is the father, even though Joey loved having Rachel live with him. After Emma was born and Ross and Rachel were living together they had a fight. Rachel decided to move back in with Joey because he was familiar, close, safe, and available.

5. Why does nobody laugh at Chandler’s jokes?

Monica is very close with with Chandler, being his best friend and wife, and she knows him best. During the 8th season (the one with the fertility test), Monica says that eventually you’ll tune Chandler’s jokes out. Chandler makes light of every situation because he started using humor as a defense mechanism when his parents got divorced. Since then, he’s cracked so many jokes that the other people in the group are used to his humor and expect it, so it doesn’t really affect them.

6. What happened to the wooden beam in Monica’s apartment?

They had it removed after Monica accidentally knocked Ben’s head on the beam.Ross hit himself on it as well.

7. Why did Ross let Rachel move to Paris with Emma?

Emma wasn’t going to be living in Paris full time, she was going to come home every now and then. Since Rachel is the mother and loves Emma she didn’t want to be separated from her, and Ross (who is secretly in love with Rachel) decides to respect her decision, although he was actually against it and tried everything to get her to stay.

8. How can Joey and Phoebe afford to do anything?

At first they couldn’t really afford anything. In the show they have money problems  (there are several episodes about it) because they didn’t go to college and therefore couldn’t get real jobs. Joey went into acting and Phoebe became a massage therapist. At first, the jobs didn’t pay well, but then Joey got a role on Days of  Our Lives. Phoebe went to  lucrative work, first for a spa and later a corporate massage place.

9. Why do snobby peofriends2ple pretend Friends isn’t a good show?

I don’t know why. One of my good friends says she hates Friends, but when do get her to watch it or when I quote something from the show she laughs. Friends is a show that has something for everyone. There’s always something to relate to and laugh with/at.

10. They were on a break!

Rachel said to Ross, “I want to take a break from us.” However, broken up or not, YOU SHOULDN’T SLEEP WITH A RANDOM GIRL YOU MET 3 HOURS AFTER YOUR LIFELONG LOVE AND SERIOUS GIRLFRIEND DECIDES TO TAKE A BREAK. You just shouldn’t. Ross should have waited about 3 days and he would have been fine, because Rachel wanted to get back together the next day. Break or not, Rachel still loved Ross and vice versa. It hurt Rachel that he slept with another woman right after the their breakup, because she felt that they were still together in some way. Plus, when Rachel and Ross got back together the next morning the girl was still there in Ross’s apartment, which exacerbated Rachel’s hurt feelings. When Ross uses the phrase “We were on a break,” he’s just saying  “I slept with another woman when we were still in love.” Ross doesn’t think he did anything wrong but he did, and when he slept with that girl Rachel felt like Ross was just waiting for them to break up. This is one of the MANY reasons why I hate Ross.