Trapped in the Kardashian World-by Avalee Fray-McCroskey

Kim Kardashian has ruined my life. Well, not quite. For those of you ho have been living under a rock or are actually using your school iPads to do school work, let me tell you why Kim Kardashian has almost ruined my life. I have been playing the famous Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. The Kardashian game is a virtual world created by no other than Ms. Kim Kardashian herself. The game is really a Kardashian guide to becoming famous. You can go on dates, do photo shoots, change clothes and styles, and be BFFs with Kim. You have your own Manager and PR agent.

When I saw people playing the game I was very skeptical. I wondered “What is this game everyone is so obsessed with, and why do they want to be a Kardashian?” As I saw the game becoming more and more popular I decided to stop silently judging people and give in to the power of the Kardashians. The game starts and you are a nobody. You work at a tiny boutique called So Chic and your boss is odious. After your first shift at So Chic, you coincidentally run in to Kim. From then on you make your way up the social ladder until you become an A-lister. On the way you have boyfriends/girlfriends, archenemies, friends, fans and haters. You can do appearances and other events to make more fans. The more fans you have the higher you rank. The higher you rank the more addicted you become.

My addiction to the game started out small. It began with me staying up a little later to check on my progress, it then moved onto playing it at every free moment I had. This progressed until I could not go to bed until my photo shoot was completed, because I would lose fans. I would also wake up earlier-which is something I never do, I love my sleep-to get a head start on tasks. When the beginning of school occurred, I procrastinated on homework because I needed to go to Australia with Kim for a DJ mix-off. At that point, I knew it had gotten out of hand. I rounded up the strength and deleted the app.

I felt a immediate sense of regret and disbelief, but it has now been several weeks and I feel lighter and I have a new sense of freedom. Kim Kardashian has not ruined my life.