The Lion’s Roar, Issue 1-Art

Visual Art:

Tyler Ayala-Turner (’16)

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Procrastination-by Alexandria Naftchi (’15)

Time speedily flies

By as I work on homework

Essays, problems all!

Human advancement

Depends on our ability

To finish our work.

I desperately

Glance at the due date and time

I scream out, panicked.

Why did I wait on

Finishing my schoolwork?

Dread dances here.


Has no place with the procrast-

inators who rush.

Tumblr addiction

Has exacted its vengeance.

“This is the last time.”

Why does schoolwork

Exist? To cause misery?

Why’s’t necessary?


Do not blame the broken system.

We must blame ourselves.

For effectively

Starting and completing tasks

Results in growth.

What if Einstein

Or Madame Curie, Tesla


Budget your time please

It is urgent for our species

And your own success.