In Praise of Bad Movies-by JT Gallant

Over the course of the past year, I have watched some pretty awful movies. From the likes of R.I.P.D. to Sharknado, I have been treated to some of the worst cinematic performances in the history of mankind. Truly, these were performances of such mediocrity that even Brett Farve Returns: Part 8 and Live Action Caillou (starring Pitbull) would have competition. Yet for some absurd reason, I not only watched the entirety of these bastardizations, but I actually enjoyed them.

In some inconceivable manner that may or may not have alerted nearby mental institutions, I found myself laughing at the sheer stupidity that takes place in these movies. I think part of the appeal these movies have on my clearly concussion-addled brain is that they seemed to have been legitimate attempts at an actual movie. Whether it’s my own insatiable curiousity for life’s phenomenons – or maybe I’m just a little sadistic – I was captivated by these laughably awful attempts at serious acting.
Movies such as The One and Mean Girls 2 are entirely different beasts themselves in that they are created with dreams of Oscars and awards, but are so bad that they become enrapturing. Unlike some spoofs that are bad on purpose in order to be humorous, the aforementioned films are not supposed to be funny, or at least not supposed to be funny in the way the writers intended. Mean Girls 2 and R.I.P.D., for example, are supposed to be comedies, but the writing is so entirely unoriginal and inane that the result is a riveting 90 minutes of laughing at serious moments. It just goes to show that, whether viewed by a concussed individual or not, any movie can be humorous. This is why I have become the ambassador for awful movies that are written by writers who are so bad that they are veritable ignoramuses. So go home and watch Mean Girls 2, which crashed and burned faster than Lindsey Lohan. See what I did there?