Interviews with the Saints-by Avalee Fray-McCroskey

Interview with the Saints

This week I held several interviews with various Seattle Lutheran students and teachers. The people I interviewed were Flynn Schuehle, Kelly Walsh, Sarah Louie(AKA Dr. Louie), and Jordan McFeely. This is what I learned:

-These people are really good at interviews.

-Flynn and Kelly are sophomores.

-Flynn can spell her last name really quickly.

-Flynn gets really nervous and is very funny in interviews.

-Taylor occasionally pretends to be Flynn in interviews.

-Flynn is really involved in school.

-“Classes are fun because there are fun components to it.” -Flynn Schuehle

-Kelly loves Disneyland, small classes, and movies.

-Kelly loves her classes because teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable.

-Kelly has gotten smarter and has gotten better knowledge of liberal arts since

enrolling at Seattle Lutheran.

-The staff is really kind, thoughtful, and personal.

-Shout out to Miss. Tarabochia from Kelly Walsh!!

-Kelly wants to go to college to get her bachelor’s degree.

-The best day of Kelly’s life was either the day she met Flynn or August 10th which is

the day she got her annual pass to Disneyland.

-Kelly is deeply influenced by her peers and friends at SeaLu.

-Flynn is amazed by Kelly interview skills.

-Dr. Louie loves that students can be themselves.

-She likes teaching her classes.

-Dr. Louie is most influenced by her students.

-But most importantly, since she started teaching at SeaLu, Dr. Louie has discoveredthe Mexican mocha.

-Jordan McFeely is a freshman.

-Jordan does basketball, volleyball, and plans on doing the musical.

-Jordan likes the size of the school and how close she feels to her fellow peers.

-Jordan feels more socially confident since coming to SeaLu.

-Jordan is friends with her teachers.

-Shout out to Mrs. Knaff from Jordan.

-Jordan would love to go to college to better her education and get a good job.

-The best day of Jordan’s life was when her rec basketball team won the championships.

-Jordan is most influenced by the upperclassmen on her sports teams.