Let’s Take a Poll-by Brianna Badley

I recently asked the student body of Seattle Lutheran to take a survey. Many people asked me why or what is this is for. I told them that it was for the newspaper and if they they wanted to know why, just look at the title of the survey, “Getting to know Sealu.” I made a survey that had ten simple questions that allowed me to see what kind of students make up this school, pretty darn cool people. Below are the results of the questions and a brief summary of what you see and what I took from it. I started off simple. The total amount of kids who took this was 100.

Question #1: Which color do you prefer?

Blue: 44

Red: 14

Black: 31

White: 11

There’s a reason why I asked which color you prefer not favorite because I decided that for their favorite color there would be too many options. The color options I chose are the school’s colors, so I asked the students which one of the school’s colors they prefer. Most of the students preferred blue, but black wasn’t far behind.

Question #2: What kind of phone do you have?

iPhone: 60

Samsung: 13

Lg: 3

Android: 6

Don’t have one: 6

Other: 12

Since every student at school has an iPad I was rather curious about what type of phone they have. I myself have an IPhone and I find it easier to work and use both devices when you have the same brand (iCloud, iMessage, iShare). More then half of the student body have iPhones, I don’t know if it’s because of the iPads or just because IPhones are more popular. This result did not surprise me but I wanted to know what 2nd most common phone people had: Samsung. It could have been any model or any year; Samsung is also popular (but just barely).

Question #3: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Play Sports: 19. Read: 4

Watch TV: 14. Hang with Friends: 20

Play Video Games: 19. Sleep: 8

Exercise: 4. Other: 12

Just wondering what the students like to do outside of the classroom; our school is very social because most people put hanging with friends followed very closely with playing sports and playing video games, which tied. All of these options sound like nice stress relievers so I’m glad the students get to have fun. The others were: a few listing to music, a couple drawing, a couple playing music, (like guitars and piano) eating, a couple social media, and one planning the destruction of a empire before they destroy us. Glad to see every one can be kept busy.

Question #4: COKE OR PEPSI?

Coke: 54

Pepsi: 16

I don’t like soda: 13

Neither: 17

Ah yes, the question, that has divided us Americans, by not that much. I just had to ask this question even though I kinda already knew Coke would win, I wanted to see how badly Pepsi would lose. Coke won by half but more people chose neither Coke or Pepsi over Pepsi itself.

Question #5: What is your favorite kind of movie?

Action/adventure: 27 Horror: 8

Comedy: 23 Romance: 3

Romantic-comedy: 15 Science-Fiction: 5

Drama: 6 Other: 10

Classic movies: 3

Another random question that lets me get to know the students, but also helps so that any clubs in the school can look at these results and can better decide which movies to play for fundraising. I don’t care what some people say, romantic comedies are different than romantic movies and regular comedies because there’s a difference. I guess most students here like adventure because that had the most votes followed by comedy; comedies are so funny.

Question #6: What is your favorite flavor?

Chocolate: 40. Mint: 11

Vanilla: 16. Peanut butter: 4

Strawberry: 11. Other: 18

Apparently I was not specific enough. A lot of people thought I meant ice cream flavors, but no I just meant flavors in general. If I wanted to know your favorite ice cream flavor I would have put “ice cream flavors,” that’s why other is the second highest vote, it’s just a bunch of singular ice cream flavors. Chocolate got almost half of the vote, let’s face it chocolate is awesome.

Question #7: How did you feel about the schools play “The Curious Savage” ?

I hate everything in the world but most of all I hate this play: 3

I loved it and everything about it: 26

It wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad: 13

A complete waste of my time: 2

It was good: 56

Before you say anything, yes, yes I did just use a line from the play (my line), I just had to. I’m very happy to see that so many people loved the play and thought it was good. To the people who didn’t like it, I’m sorry you don’t have better taste (totally joking), what I meant to say was I’m sorry you didn’t like it, not everyone likes plays. More then half of the students said it was good, and then 26 students said they loved it, but I’m pretty sure most of those people are in drama. Even though this poll was anonymous, I know drama’s biggest fan helped get 26 votes (shout out right there).

Question #8: I am a…..

Freshman: 21

Sophomore: 23

Junior: 31


Clearly I wanted to find out which class was the largest. Congratulations junior class, but don’t forget that some kids were absence the day everyone took this poll and even the next day. Now, I will admit that the freshman class is shown smaller but actually it was the freshmen where half of them took the poll the day it came out and one day late, due to procrastination on my part.

Question #9: How do you get to school?

Drive: 52

Carpool: 20

Bus: 18

Walk: 8

Other: 2

I know people who walk to school, I know people who take the bus, and people who come here in a car. Half of the student body takes a car here, just by themselves. 20 carpool here. I decided to include carpooling because this is a private school and there isn’t any school-provided transportation and I knew some people carpool. I carpool myself, and I wanted to see how many and I can’t say I’m surprised.

Question #9: How do you get to school?

Drive: 52

Carpool: 20

Bus: 18

Walk: 8

Other: 2

I know people who walk to school, I know people who take the bus, and people who come here in cars. Half of the student body takes a car here, just by themselves. 20 carpool here in cars. I decided to include carpool because this is a private school there isn’t any school provided transportation and I knew some people carpool, I carpool myself. I wanted to see how many and I can’t say I’m surprised.

Question #10: Have you read the lions roars, our schools newspaper?

Yes and I have read all articles: 7

Yes: 20

No: 58


No I haven’t read it but this survey has made me want to read it: 4

FOR SHAME ALL 58 OF YOU, shame! Thank you all 27 of you for reading the newspaper, I hope you like our new issue. And to those 11…. well now you know, I hope you read us soon. And to you 4 who said you want to read the newspaper, I hope you enjoy this issue and read more articles. To those 58 people who haven’t read the newspaper and probably won’t read this… still shame, there are some good things in here.