Anything Guys Can Do, Girls Can Do-by Brianna Badley

October 17, 2014 was the date that girls put their high heels away for some tennis shoes when Seattle Lutheran created a powderpuff game. Leading up to homecoming, there was Spirit Week where all the students dressed up as a theme for that day. But not only did the week lead up to homecoming but it also lead up to the girls’ powderpuff football game.

IMG_392814 girls, 7 on the blue team and 7 on the pink team, played flag football at west Seattle stadium. It was very fun to watch because I am friends with a lot of the girls that were playing and it was hilarious to watch them run and throw the football. I find it more entertaining than actual men’s football. Most of the girls that do athletics participated in the game, so some of them already had that competitive edge This was supposed to be a nice friendly game of Flag football, but some went over the edge and got down and dirty. Since in original football you have the men play and the women cheer, the roles were switched so the football team got to be the cheerleaders.Overall, it was the pink team that won. With great effort on both teams, this was a really fun experience for the school.