Team SeaBot Wins Judge’s Award!

At the Mount Vernon District Competition, Team SeaBot won the Judges’ Award. During the course of competition the judges may encounter a team whose unique effort, performance or team dynamics are worthy of recognition, but may not fit into the existing award categories. This award celebrates such a team and their accomplishments.

The judges also get to name this award in honor of the winning team. The names for SeaBot’s award included “Conveying the message of FIRST award” and “The uplifting design award.”

The judges had this to say about SeaBot, Team 1258:

“This team truly conveys the message of FIRST with strong entrepreneurship, team imagery and industrial design. They know when they hit their limits, but can also belt it out of the park with their uplifting design. This team used their school’s J-Term to drive their SeaBot.”

At competition, SeaBot team members blew away judges with their positive attitude and professional nature. This year, SeaBot presented features on their robot, such as the unique conveyer belt system, clean design and innovative limit switch system. Additionally, the marketing team wrote a business plan which was presented to the judges to show the team’s community outreach, personal growth in the past 12 months and a sustainability plan for the future.

SeaBot competes again March 27 & 28 at Auburn High School. Go Saints!