Team SeaBot to World Championship!

We did it! We achieved (and surpassed!!) our first fundraising goal early! Thanks to all who have stepped up to support our SeaBot Team’s trip to the FIRST World Robotics Championships in St Louis! Their entry fee has been submitted, travel plans are being made, Team SeaBot is heading to St. Louis for the World Championships!

Now we have $5000.00 to raise to complete the $15,000.00 goal set by Team SeaBot. If you want to help send our Saints to St. Louis, click here and make your donation today. Double your gift if your company matches!

Stay tuned for updates, we will keep you posted here and on our website:

Thank you to all our donors! Thanks to all for your prayers! Thank you to all our SeaBot Alumni and their parents who have so generously supported this team’s bid at FIRST Worlds!

Thank you to all our past parents