Math Club Success

math contestOn February 14 the SeaLu Math Team went to Rainier Christian High School to compete with the home school, Cascade Christian, and Christian Faith High School in a math contest.

Each school had a Junior/Senior team and a Freshman/Sophomore team. Each team competed in two rounds of testing: Round 1 consisted of 15 problems to be answered in 30 minutes without calculators, Round 2 consisted of 15 problems (super hard!) to be answered in 45 minutes using calculators.

The SeaLu Freshman/Sophomore team (Hannie Nguyen, Daniel Bolding, and Emily Nguyen) won Round 1 and tied for 2 nd in Round 2. Our 3-person team successfully competed with other Freshman/Sophomore teams that all had 4 persons on their team.

The SeaLu Junior/Senior team (Katniss Liang, Sam Zhou, Ben Comer, and Smith Nguyen) tied for 1 st place in Round 1 and then won Round 2. After these two rounds of testing, it was clear which school had the dominant math teams.

All the SeaLu students at the contest did a great job! We are very proud of them!