Help us Fix the Patio!

According to the Seattle Weather Blog, Seattle receives on average 37.49in of rain per year.  This means that since SLHS was founded in 1978, over 1,462 inches of rain — which approximately equates to 2.5 MILLION gallons of water — has fallen on the outdoor patio of SLHS.  That’s a lot of water!  Unfortunately, in recent years that water has found it’s way through various cracks in the patio and has caused leaks into both classrooms and the gym causing a number of challenges as you can imagine.  So, it is time to get this fixed.

Bids have been been received and the school is close to authorizing work to start on the necessary fixes to stop the leaks, but they need some help.  The ‘Fanning the Flame’ Capital Campaign has about ½ the funds needed, and the school needs another $25,000 to properly fund the project and get the repairs completed.  We want to raise this by June 30th so that we can get the project completed on time.

With nearly 1500 graduates from SLHS, we want to see if our network of alumni can bridge the funding gap to get this fixed!  If we can average just $15 per alumnus, we would exceed the goal of $25,000…just $15.  That is 3 visits to Starbucks, 2 pizzas from Pizza Hut, etc.  Whether you graduated back in 1978, or just last year, $15 feels like something we can ALL get behind.  Clearly, if you can contribute more, it would be greatly appreciated as there are additional building projects that can use our support.

To add a little friendly competition to the mix, the class with the largest number of donors and the largest number of total donations ($$) will be recognized as co-honorees on a commemorative plaque outside of the new entrance.

Let’s help make this happen!

CLICK HERE to access our GoFundMe page and submit your pledge.  Make note of your class year so we can keep track of who wins the competition.

Every little bit helps, so spread the word!



Mike Jensen

Class of 1991

SLHS Board Member