First Week of School!

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. The first two days have been amazing. Seattle Lutheran is geared up for a terrific year. Please read the note from our principal and administrator Dave Meyer.

It wasn’t always easy to be a disciple of Jesus. Crowds followed him and pressed down on the disciples for detailed, inside information or just plain curiosity. On this particular day, the disciples had yet another problem. People had been gathering on the hillside for hours. No food and no supply close by. All they could get from the crowd was five homemade loaves of bread and two dried fish. Jesus blessed the bread and fish and the disciples watched as basket after basket was filled to feed over 5,000 people. All they could say was, “Wow!” Those who came out of curiosity shouted “Wow!” The religious scholars shook their heads and mumbled “Wow!. Who would have predicted that small bag lunch would feed thousands of people? God’s mercy was obvious.

Today you and I live in an age where miracles occur on a daily basis when we hear of cures for diseases making progress and situations that seem impossible are
finding solutions. Like the disciples, we are amazed at God’s work and we stand back and say “Wow”

Within the walls of Seattle Lutheran, we fully expect many Wow experiences this school year. Academic successes will be realized. Attitudes will take on positive
directions. New avenues will be explored and spark interest. Families will be brought together. Plans and programs will find realization. How does all that happen? The same way the disciples answered their dilemma. They turned their eyes upon Jesus and He filled their needs. He will fill our needs
and we’ll be left with “Wow!”