500 Year Reformation Celebration.

On October 29th, Seattle Lutheran High School participated in a celebration service at Overlake Christian Church. This celebration marks 500 years of the Reformation. This Reformation was a movement 500 years ago by a gentleman by the name of Martin Luther.

The Lutheran church derived its name from Martin Luther, but many other Christians have taken his teachings to heart and have built ministries sharing a similar message. The history of Martin Luther and the church is a fascinating lesson, and as I popped into Mr. Caudle’s sophomore-level world history I realized it truly was a painful and violent time in history.  Two of the goals for this reformation movement was to trust in Scriptures (the Bible) alone and Grace (undeserved love) alone. Martin Luther developed these ideas and stood out from the crowd when he decided what the church was doing was different than his beliefs.

When Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door his purpose was to strengthen the Church’s proclamation and preaching of the cross and of God’s forgiveness of sins. He wanted the Church to rally around Scripture and proclaim a God of love. The new technology of the day, a printing press, opened the door for Luther’s revelations in God’s Word to be spread farther than ever before. Luther’s teachings were not readily accepted by Church officials– namely the Pope– and the result was Luther’s excommunication from the Church.

In 1521, Luther was called before a gathering of Church officials and was asked to withdraw his written works.   As a Biblical scholar, Luther knew his Bible inside and out.  He could demonstrate how his work aligned with earlier Church teachings based on God’s Word. Luther’s words were full of courage and integrity. I am bound by the Scriptures and by my conscience. I cannot and will not recant anything. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen (from Service today)

The message of Grace (undeserved love) is a constant focus of Seattle Lutheran. All students, teachers, and community need to feel this love. This love is something that we do not deserve but we need to understand exists all day every day for each of us. Thank you all for being a daily message of Grace to others.
Go Saints!

Dave Meyer
Executive Director


Mr. David Sleighter

Theology Teacher

Seattle Lutheran High School.