Student Led Research Results

I am reminded frequently how important and valuable it is to hear from our students and our student leadership. I sat in the AP Psychology course last Thursday to hear the results of studies done by the students for the students. The joy of the presentation was that the findings good or bad were shared and solutions were given to improve or to continue in success. The work that the students in this class did under the guidance of Mr. Caudle proves to be invaluable to me as a leader here but also brings the students into solutions for improvement of their school.

The AP Psychology class was broken into groups to tackle themes that surround Seattle Lutheran High School. These themes were an image, faith, teenage sleep, school pride, and extracurricular involvement.  As each group presented to the class and visitors the results, most were favorable which is good to hear, but to me, the most important piece of each group was the response. Each group gave solutions or activities to be done to continue growth and or improve at the end of their presentation. This was the important piece for me, it sends the message that students are becoming doer’s here at Seattle Lutheran; we are addressing things, getting involved in the statistics, and then doing something about it. These young adults are not going to stick to the status quo nor are they going to fear a challenge.

Many of us know that challenges come our way through no work of our own, they just show up. We need to respond, and this class with these projects are showing me that when our graduates find challenges in life or work they will respond with a will to address them.

Go Saints!

Dave Meyer
Executive Director