Beginning of J-Term 2018

Sharing a meal with Mr. Meyer from the J-Term cooking class

Eyes light up, “I love this stuff”!  

A quiet demeanor, a shy personality that comes alive while singing in the choir!

Both of these statements have been shared by students and teachers in the first week of January term. This confirms the motivation behind this fantastic program Seattle Lutheran offers for the month of January. We are a community that has a mission of building servant leaders for the world we live in and that means we are dedicated to helping young adults find their passion so they grow in leadership and sustain their passion. We are all aware that lifelong passion and leadership go together, and we are so thankful for our opportunities and guest teachers that are here to share their passion. Seattle Lutheran is dedicated to this concept, as we know our passions can adjust, but the kindling of growing our passion towards leadership is a process that will help each young adult for a lifetime.

As we say bon voyage to 10 students this weekend for a 10-day trip to the Caribbean for Marine science, we should all look forward to seeing how many come back with a growing passion.

Go Saints!

Dave Meyer
Executive Director