Starting to Scuba

Starting to SCUBA!

Hello parents! On January 9th the Seattle Lutheran students woke up bright and early to some delicious french toast. After breakfast, we moved the boat around to the next bay of Grand Case and all took turns practicing COW (confined open water) Pen scuba training. The types of things we have been practicing are what to do in case of emergency underwater and working on our buoyancy. While scary and new it felt refreshing and energizing. Upon arriving in the catamaran we have all grown closer together through team bonding experiences and many fantastic games of cards. The weather here has been nothing short of amazing and definitely better than Seattle weather this time of year with the occasional rain showers throughout the day and night.

Some of the scuba training we did was using our octopus regulator from our buddy and how to ascend and descend. We also learned how to tow our buddy back to the boat if they were tired and massaged them if they were cramping if there is water in your mask we learned how to clear it. Everything was so new but so much fun to learn and get the hang of. After our COW pen training, we came back to a delicious Mexican dinner. After dinner, we celebrated Izzy’s birthday with a scrumptious cake! We ended the night with some quality time with each other. We played a card game called one-night ultimate werewolf and had a blast. Were all gaining our sea legs and getting used to the boat a day at a time!

Izzy and Max