Ultimate Experiences

Experiences shape our future. While conducting new student meetings for next year’s incoming class of 2022, I am reminded of the gift of experiences that Seattle Lutheran provides our young adults.  We are blessed to have a safe, loving environment to provide experiences that each student can participate in and determine if it is something that stirs passion within them.  J- Term is a wonderful example of that participatory piece that allows young adults to try different courses that might kindle the fire within includes academics, art, music, drama, sport, and technology. Experience shapes our future.

Another item started this year, has been Ultimate Frisbee (pictured above). I went to their first contest this past week with Chief Sealth and observed students from all different levels and backgrounds enjoying the sport. The essence of Ultimate Frisbee is joy in the sport, no referees and scoring is quick and you high five the other team after every score. It was competitive for sure but a healthy competitive spirit prevailed throughout the contest.  Most on our team have not played Ultimate Frisbee in this arena, they have learned the game in fitness class but not much more than that, which made it even more special for our team to unite and take on an experienced opponent with the carefree attitude of competing for enjoyment. This is another example of how experiences might shape their future.

As we move towards the second semester we will have other authors of this weekly message, but in that may you (as readers) be able to continue to see how our goal here is to share experiences that shape the future of our young adults.

Go Saints!

Dave Meyer
Executive Director