SLHS Math Team Success


The Seattle Lutheran Math Club competed in a math contest at Rainier Christian High School on Valentine’s Day. Christian Faith High School also was in the contest with Rainier Christian.

SLHS had two JV teams (freshmen and sophs) and one Varsity team (juniors and seniors) in the contest. In this particular contest, the organizer had all the teams (JV and varsity) compete against each other.
During Round 1, our Varsity team (Henry, Matthew, Carl, Rentaro) scored many points but they were not leading the competition. However, during Round 2, our Varsity team continued to score very well and ended up with the highest total point score. Kudos to the SeaLu Varsity!
Throughout the competition, several of our JV members also scored very well, especially in comparison to other JV teams. So, kudos to the SeaLu JV team as well!
Go Saints.