Stair Climb Update

We’re in our final stretch and I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has participated so far. We have 44 fundraising pages, have collected $5,261.42 ($4,870.52 after fees) and the Freshman and Sophomore classes are still switching back and forth as the lead for winning the beach party! Currently, the Freshmen lead by $31. Time for the FINAL PUSH!

ABOUT DONATIONS: Only donations made online before 9 AM on June 1stwill be counted toward the individual and class fundraising competitions, but we will leave the site live and continue to accept donations as long as they keep coming. Please bring any checks to be counted to Step Up 4 SeaLu check-in by 10 AM. Please also make sure your peeps select your kid’s name when they donate online, as we’ve had many unattributed donations recently.

IMPORTANT FOR DAY OF: Step Up 4 SeaLu will take place at 11 AM on Friday, June 1st. All students will participate as either climbers, volunteers or cheer crew. For Friday, your kid needs:

  1. A signed Release Form (Download). Please fill out, sign and send to the school office by2:00 PM Thursday. You can also scan and send to
  2. Comfortable clothes
  3. Water bottle
  4. Any donation checks you may have received, with your kid’s name written in the memo field

All climbers will need a release/waiver form, so please send one into the office even if your kid isn’t sure they will climb. That way they can opt-in last minute if they choose.

We’ll have a check-in table where climbers can bring donation checks and turn-in any late waiver forms. All climbers will get a race bib at check-in. Depending upon the number of climbers, we may have just one 15-minute heat. Kids and staff will do as many stair “laps” as they can within that timeframe, each climber getting a sticker “mark” as they pass the counterpoint.

We will have course monitors all along the way, made up of parent volunteers, staff, and students. We will have bottled water and a first aid kit available too. All along with inspiring music and cheering crowds.

At the end of the climb, we’ll have our award ceremony where we announce our winners for Most Moolah, Stepper Supreme, and Stair Flair. We’ll do the drawing for the Super Swag Bag, from the names of everyone who raised at least $25. Then finally, we’ll announce which grade raised the most and wins the Alki Beach Party grand prize!

The School BBQ will start right after. Should be a fun day!

Please do your fundraising earlier rather than later. It’s coming up faster than you think. Thanks for all you are doing to help our teachers and subsequently our kids. Keep Stepping Up!


Allison Carver
2018 Stair Chair and Sophomore mom