Embrace the Grace

Embrace the Grace! Our fantastic event on Wednesday night was followed up with a couple of days of community building activities. I have been approached by teachers shouting the praises of our student body and their attitudes and compassion. One way for us to continue to build our community is to learn about each other and continue to listen to each other.

Our ASB President, Maddie Jensen mentioned one of her favorite things about this place is the caring community.   Our students continue to show that daily. An example of this is a new freshman was explaining the options for the day on Friday to an international student, “it’s a comedy, you know it makes you smile.” The international student smiled, understood and thanked him. What a perfect example of our students taking time to care and embrace the grace.

This Grace is an underserved love shared with all of us by Jesus. We are loved not for what we do but for who we are, His child. I think many of us can relate to a parent’s love, the one that really has no words, other than Grace. Our goal this year is to build that so strong that all who ask about Seattle Lutheran and see our community know that we are full of grace. This does not mean that we are not striving for excellence in what we do, on the contrary grace is to be an example of this excellence in academics, fine arts, athletics and in the community. This excellence is a response to this undeserved love.

I am so excited for all of us this year. Thank you all for joining us for this school year and please continue to join us in the upcoming events. As we spend time together we build relationships.

Go Saints!
Dave Meyer