Saints Home Learning Day — Oct. 8

Dear Saints Families,

With age, we all seem to have a few things to fix. It is no different for our boiler here at Seattle Lutheran High School. Our 65-year-old steady heat source has been working hard and as our inspector stated today, needs a few adjustments.  We have scheduled work to be done on the boiler on Monday (10/8/18) which means that we will have heat soon after.  I have taken some time to look at temperatures, talk with teachers and students and have decided that Monday (10/8/18) will be our opportunity to do a “Stay at home day” using Schoology as a source to complete daily assignments and interact with our teachers.  The teachers will place some assignments on Schoology and students will then need to complete them and turn in or bring to class on Tuesday.  Our building will be closed as they work through the fix of the boiler.

My apologies to all the families and routines that this disrupts but the Inspector of Boilers in Seattle has made this challenge for us as of 10 am today and we want all to be safe and warm. I would like to point out that our students have not complained (at least to me) and I am so impressed with their dedication to their work and this place.

All athletic practices and after-school activities will still take place. We are aware that it is a short week but an important week with our National testing day on Wednesday.

Dave Meyer
Executive Director