SLHS Math Contest

Mr. Hardwick reporting on the SLHS  Math Contest:

On Nov 15, 2018, Seattle Lutheran hosted a math contest that included teams from Cascade Christian High School and Christian Faith High School. In the Varsity Division (seniors and juniors) and in the JV Division (sophomores and freshmen) Seattle Lutheran had two teams each, Cascade had two teams each, and Christian Faith had one team.   A total of 39 students competed in the contest.

The Varsity Division was won by a Seattle Lutheran team of seniors (known as the Dream Team) who had a dominant performance in the first half of the contest. Another SeaLu team, consisting mostly of juniors, also did well in the first half of the contest.

The JV Division was won by a Cascade Christian team, although the SeaLu sophomores had a strong showing and finished in 2nd place. Trailing the sophomores by a single point, the Seattle Lutheran freshman team finished in 3rd place.

We are very proud of all 16 students that represented Seattle Lutheran in the math contest. Well done, Saints!