Happy New Year!

Message from Mr. Meyer

Happy 2020!

I was in church and heard this phrase “the year 2020 is the year of clear vision.” The reference, of course, is 20/20 vision, being able to see clearly. That was the first I heard of this connection to the new year; I was struck by the path in store for us all.

As we all celebrate the New Year and look forward to the new adventures, challenges, and excitement of a new start, the path 2020 brings is clear vision. Clear vision can show itself in different ways, we could have a clear vision for our next step in life, a senior might clearly see or know their choice for college, a family entering our school clearly sees this place is the best choice for their child, or it could be in the form of others stepping up and helping to clear a path for the future. Many of these vision paths are brought clear when we are able to humble ourselves and open our hearts to what God has in store for us, this is when the clarity really shows up.

I do not think it was a coincidence that church was the first place I heard this phrase of “the year 2020 is the year of clear vision.” I believe it was the only place for me to hear this because my clarity comes in following His path. This phrase might bring excitement to us because it might be a feeling of relief, finally, we have clarity of what is next but really the clarity in my belief is that our focus is on God who continues to bring clarity for us all as we lean on Him, listen to Him and continue to know we are loved unconditionally by Him.

Happy New Year to all!  2020 the year of clear vision as we trust in God.

In Him,

Dave Meyer
Executive Director