SLHS Update: Coronavirus

While we do not have a confirmed case in our community at Seattle Lutheran it is important for all of us to be a part of the solution in the community at large. As information about the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in our region continues to evolve, we have made the decision to reconstruct our educational process and move to the virtual online method for a time period. We have a unique environment that allows for students to be noticed and cared for and this will not change in the online/virtual process. Our goal is to continue to educate and work with our young adults in this time of unknown. Our teachers have been effectively planning for a stay home scenario and with the tools we have in place this transition will not be cumbersome. Nothing replaces the classroom and the connection but our teachers are working to make this transition.

Thursday, March 12- Regular classes on campus

Friday, March 13- In service training for teachers – no school

March 16 thru March 27th- Virtual/online classes begin

March 30 thru April 3- Spring Break

April 6- Return to campus classes.

Teachers will be working with students to complete discussions, assignments and learning objectives online.

Our extra curricular activities are a very important part of our process and we will be informing everyone on next steps for their viability.

Finally, we want to acknowledge that this is a challenging time for all families and thank you for your partnership and support in this rapidly evolving and complex situation.  Clearly, circumstances continue to evolve.  Based on new information or recommendations, our decisions may change and as they do, we will share them promptly. Our message in chapel today was to build our lives on the cornerstone, the cornerstone of God.  As we go through fear and unknown, we do know:

God is Love.

God is Good.

God is God.

In Him,

Dave Meyer

Executive Director