Cougar Mountain Cookie Dough Sale!

Boosters are asking for your support in our biggest fundraiser of the school year: Cougar Mountain Cookie Dough!  
You can place orders from March 24-April 4.  You may order online here beginning March 24. Orders can be placed via PayPal or you can print out the Order Form and drop off the completed form and payment (cash or check written to “Seattle Lutheran Boosters Club”) and turn in or mail to the school office.
All funds and orders will need to be turned in online by midnight April 4 or in person by 10 am on April 4 to the School Office.  Each student will be responsible for picking up the cookie dough on April 27th and distributing the product to the people they have sold to, including online orders. We will accept Donations for those who wish to contribute to Boosters but do not wish to purchase cookie dough.
We are also having a class competition for the class that sells the most cookie dough. 10% of the proceeds will go to the class that sells the most cookie dough. 5% will go to the class that sells the second most cookie dough. We will also award a $50 gift card for the top seller and $25 for the second top seller. If you have any questions please email us at