An Exemplary and Personal Education

Seattle Lutheran High School offers a college preparatory education in the Lutheran tradition and has served students since 1978. We offer a personal and supportive school atmosphere where high academic standards and spiritual growth prepare students for life-long learning.

AP and Honors Program
Our Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses prepare students for the rigor of college level work. Honors courses are offered for all grades in core academic subjects. Juniors and Seniors may take Advanced Placement courses including AP English, AP American History, AP Psychology, AP Calculus AB and AP Art. AP courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credit during their high school career.

Student Support Services
At SLHS, we endeavor to meet the needs of all our students and set them up for success to the best of our ability. The task management program is in place to assist students with time management, prioritizing, planning, self-advocating, organization, and trouble-shooting.  These skills, collectively, are referred to as Executive Functioning skills and are often an area of challenge for students with attention deficits.

SLHS is accredited through the National Lutheran School Accreditation and is approved by the Washington State Board of Education. SLHS maintains membership in Washington Council for High School and College Relations, as well as the Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools.