Lion’s Heart Volume I: Joe Williford

Joe is a West Seattle native. Retired from shipyard work, Joe has traveled the world, cruised the seas on sailboats and worked as a DJ for KJR am (when radio was only am!), KZOK and KISW. Often found in his garage listening to classic rock, Joe makes wooden toys, furniture and objets d’art for children and adults.

Lion’s Heart Volume I: Abbi Sanders

Now or Never             The following events are based on a true story. Suddenly the door opened, and the harsh buzzer loudly echoed throughout the gymnasium. I stood up off our bench, walked onto the court, and slowly looked around me. To my right was the score board. It read 24-25. It was a district […]

Lion’s Heart Volume I: Devin Pearl

Horse Breed Names Alphabet Alliteration Poem Awesome Arabian horse Big Beautiful Belgian Horse Cool Criollo Horse Dizzy Dutch Warmblood Horse Entertained Exmoor Horse Fun Falabella Horse Good Garrano Horse Hack Hackney Horse Icy Icelandic Horse Jumping Jabe Horse King Kaimanawa Horse Loving Lipizzan Horse Magnificent Mustang Horse Naive Nokota Horse Obedient Orlov Trotter Horse Plain […]

Lion’s Heart Volume I: Camille Pahl

Galeries Lafayette   On my trip to France last summer, I visited Galeries Lafayette, a famous store in Paris with a beautiful stained glass dome. I stopped to take a quick picture, oblivious to the fact I would be looking at that photograph for the next six months, copying it through my favorite medium of art: acrylic […]

Lion’s Heart Volume I: Ryan Okabayashi

Giant-Undead Armadillo Imagine, if you will, a simple armadillo. Are you not frightened already? Of course not; after all, armadillos are very tiny animals and don’t attack humans. Except in the case of the infamous Armadillo Incident of 1993. What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of the infamous Armadillo Incident of 1993? Well then, […]