Psychology Fast Facts-by Robert Richmond

Psychologists usually should have compassion, or at least an open mind when dealing with patients. There are many types of psychology, like behavioral and educational psychology. Each one has a crucial part in helping the modern day life of an ordinary person. In behavioral psychology, they simply observe natural traits of a person in everyday life. In educational psychology, they […]

Is Chocolate Healthful?-by Alexandria Naftchi

Many individuals think that chocolate has little to no nutritional value, and is only a delightful candy. However, recent research shows that cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, contains chemicals called flavanols that, in high doses, reduce age-related memory problems. A dose of 900 mg of cacao-derived flavanols per day can make a 60-year-old individual […]

Bullying-by Robert Richmond

Bullying is a very serious problem worldwide and here in America. There are plenty of people who suffer because of it. There are too many types of bullying such as verbal bullying: threatening, teasing, name calling, inappropriate sexual comments etc. The most common way of bullying is over the Internet. People do this because it feels good and gives them […]

Sounder Treble- by JT Gallant

Sounder Treble? In the midst of the panic caused by the Seahawks’ 3-3 start to the 2014 NFL season,many people have missed the potentially historic success Centurylink Field’s other team has achieved so far this year. The Sounders, Seattle’s professional soccer team who compete in MLS (Major League Soccer), are currently on the brink of history. After […]

Robin Williams Obituary-by Robert Richmond

Comedian and popular actor Robin Williams passed away on August 11th 2014.He played a vast range of characters, demonstrating strong interpersonal intelligence. Noted roles include John Keating in Dead Poets’ Society and Alan Parrish in Jumanji. Before he was an actor he performed in theater, playing Steve Martin in the play Waiting for Godot. Robin Williams was a very well […]